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NaturHeals 100% Natural Treatment

Pacôme Inspecting an Ingredient


NaturHeals assists its consultants with a full microscopic hair analysis. Contact us today and we will connect you with a local consultant. 


Your hair is unique. Repairing it will require hydration and nutrition. While good diet and sleep are paramount, NaturHeals' ReVive Set aims to rebuild your scalp's health and nourishing hair roots to set the stage for healthier, natural hair. 

Revive Set


Say goodbye to chemicals and let Nature do the work. NaturHeals' ReGrow treatment will help you set the right regimen for wonderful hair growth. The secret is in the R-Complex Serum.

All Natural

Naturheals will never use any of the harmful chemicals used in many common commercial beauty products. Instead, we pride ourselves in products that are effective, 100% natural, and backed by science. Our team of researchers believes in harnessing the full potential of nature to improve your health through ingredients that are safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Scientifically Backed

Natural Ingredients


"At 6 weeks, hair is definitely growing"

Four weeks ago I started to apply NaturSerum and the conditioner. I have already started to see small changes on my scalp and some hair reparation. I plan to continue this adventure until I reach complete healing of my hair! N. - Chicago, IL

It's a miracle!

"...I saw unprecedented results."

I didn't think this was possible with a 100% natural product. T. - Chicago, IL

"...scalp irritation is gone and my hair is softer."

I have owned a Beauty Salon for more than 10 years and I started to lose large sections of my hair 6 years ago. Being a professionally trained Stylist I have tried many products to fight this hair loss, but to no avail. 4 weeks ago I met Pacôme from NaturHeals and we started a new treatment.

Week 4: My severe scalp irritation is gone and my hair is softer. I am just grateful and very happy to see these changes and will keep you posted on future progress of this treatment.

No One Knows Better Than Leaders of Cosmetic Schools

Cosmetic schools have “seen it all” and “tried it all” and they are always on the lookout for new ideas and new products that will prepare their students for the competitive marketplace they are getting into. That is why NaturHeals is proud to work with a number of cosmetic schools in Chicago, such as the Cosmetology Department at Truman College, and Your School of Beauty Culture, at 116 E Pershing Rd, Chicago. Here is what Miss Panache Perkins, owner of Your School of Beauty Culture, had to say about NaturHeals based on their experience applying the Pacôme Treatments to many of their clients.

"NaturHeals is AMAZING!" ~Ms. P of Your School of Beauty and Culture in Chicago, Illinois