What Is The Health of Your Hair?


Pacôme's hair analysis is a method for hair loss screening and prevention.

It allows for a Present State analysis of your hair bulb, by checking:

  • The multiple causes of hair loss that affect you.
  • The characteristics of your hair structure.
  • The state of your hair bulb.
  • The growth of your hair.
  • The different phases of the hair cycle.
  • The causes of abnormal hair loss.
  • The excess sebum.
  • Potential oxidation.
  • The lack or excess of cholesterol.
  • The deposits of dehydrotestosterone hormone.
  • Blood circulation to your scalp.
  • For traces of the mineral nutrients of iron, cobalt, zinc, manganese, iodine and selenium.
  • The shortage or imbalance of iron.
  • The deterioration caused by the use of unsuitable products.
  • Congestion or inflammation of your scalp.
  • The entire bacterial life of the scalp (bacteria, fungi, parasites, yeasts, etc.
  • The location of the bacterial life (scalp's surface, hair bulb, hair cortex, hair follicle, etc.)

A microscopic analysis of your hair every few months allows for a regular assessment of the evolution of your hair's health, which is a very relevant indicator of your health in general. Our results are correlated not only to chronological influence of various health problems, but also to physical or emotional stress experienced.

In addition, hair analysis is a method for determining the levels of minerals and toxic metals in the body.