Meet the Team

Pacôme Pika, Co-Founder, Co-CEO.

He received a Master in Natural Sciences and another Master in Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products at the University of Dakar, Senegal. This led him to conduct research in Microbiology of plants in France and Canada. Pacôme's exceptional expertise is in Biochemical Research and plant Biology, in Microbiology and in Molecular Biology. He is passionate about technological innovation for the benefit of populations and their environment, and the enhancement of traditional techniques in cosmetics, pharmacy and food industries using natural ingredients. Pacôme has applied his expertise on the development of NaturHeals' natural cosmetic products as the Research and Development director of PACÔME CHICAGO Lab.
As NaturHeals' R&D director, Pacôme is the brand behind our formulations. Thanks to his experience in natural sciences, he understands plant biology and the turnover of its chemical elements. He is in charge of developing optimized extraction techniques and makes sure to have natural extracts containing the most active forms of natural compounds for the most effective products. With his degree in chemistry and biochemistry of natural products, protein and fatty acid interactions no longer hold any secrets for our team, which allows us to develop High-Tech formulations based on the hydration-nutrition balance.

Georges Selvais, Co-Founder, Co-CEO.

He received his Master in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School in 1975.  His prior education was in Belgium and his expertise is in starting and managing businesses, as small as bootstrap operations and as large as $45 million start-up investment in capital intensive industries. Georges has a strong international experience, he opened business subsidiaries in Canada, India, and Russia, and he has extensive experience in trading with European and Asian suppliers or allied industry partners. Georges' most recently developed business is a manufacturer of electric floor heating products, WarmlyYours. At NaturHeals he is responsible for business development and financial & corporate strategies.
He is our expert in strategic finance, planning and analysis. He's responsible for tracking business results, analyzing and extracting insights into consumer and sales data, and delivering actionable branding strategies and plans. He works directly with our Marketing Director to drive the business through increasing brand awareness and breaking down barriers to promote NaturHeals and PACÔME CHICAGO products.

Dr. Tapan Shah, MD, Havard GMP

He is a Surgeon with unique experience in Healthcare Digitalization. He works directly with the R&D director to test our products effectiveness by creating focus groups or via clinical trial. Dr Tapan is responsible for assisting our expert in strategic finance with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives