Our Background

Growing up in the magnificent tropical climate of Africa, as the only boy, Pacôme Pika remembers Saturdays and Sundays when his mother would take care of his six sisters' hair before the week began. Before being braided, their hair had to be treated with fresh herbs, root extracts, and certain essential oils. The result was well-treated, well-braided, and well-maintained hair, thanks to the genius of plants and nature. Pacôme was fascinated by the traditional methods used by his mother and other women to optimize natural ingredients to resolve hair, scalp, and skin related issues. We believe in Africa that “plants have everything we need for our beauty and our well-being. " Success only depends on how you transform them.

Since a young age, Pacôme's passions have always been biology and chemistry. He made it his goal to apply this passion to enhance and preserve natural resources that have cosmetic and therapeutic properties. This is why he studied the biology and physiology of plants before pursuing his research in chemistry and biochemistry. After several years of laboratory experience in Senegal, France, and Canada, he decided to create NaturHeals and PACÔME CHICAGO products to bring well-being and beauty through organic and fresh ingredients. Using ultra-concentrated active ingredients of the highest quality with long-lasting effects, the products target the issues many women face every day.

PACÔME CHICAGO products was also Pacôme’s and Georges vision of stimulating economic activity within black communities in general and vulnerable communities in particular to create real financial independence through the creation of small businesses. NaturHeals and PACÔME CHICAGO products reflect the traditional practices of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, which protect the environment and people.

It is because of the combined effort of a strong team that NaturHeals and PACÔME CHICAGO products were born.