Thanks to its concentration of active ingredients Pacôme’s NaturSerum acts directly in the heart of the hair shaft, which accelerates hair growth. The impact on hair growth obtained with this serum remains impressive. With its saturated fatty acids issued from 4 oils of natural plants, NaturSerum provides in-depth nutrition of the follicles which stimulates hair growth. It’s abundance of Lauric acid allows it to interact directly with the hair proteins and bind them together. The triglycerides in NaturSerum are so fine that they can penetrate the hair shaft, and their carbon chain are long enough to strengthen the hair. Their action which stimulates growth is then boosted by its content of omega 3 and 9, well known to accelerate hair growth and to give them a better shine. Pacôme’s NaturSerum strengthens and softens the hair fiber. Moreover, it contains antioxidants which prevent the damaging chain reactions caused by free radicals, such as depigmentation, pigmentation and hair loss due to stress and aggressive chemicals. By making hair thicker and stronger it reduces hair loss, and effectively treats the scalp against excess sebum, dandruff and eczema. This serum is suitable for dry, frizzy, curly and straightened hair.


One purchase of the 5 ml trial size allowed per customer.


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60 ml,  enough for 6 to 20 weeks application, depending on using 20 to 40 drops/application and 2 to 5 times/week

One purchase of the 5 ml trial size allowed per customer.


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5 ml, 60 ml


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