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All NaturHeals products from Pacôme Laboratories are 100% natural.  They are Free of sulfate, silicone, chemicals, parabens, or chloride.

For each ethnic group we have created the ideal hair revival core solutions:

  • NaturSerum to revitalize your scalp and it’s root system,
  • NaturCleanser to clean the scalp as well as hair,
  • NaturConditioner to nourish and moisturize dry hair.

In this core group, each product is optimized for African hair (A), for Caucasian hair (B) or for Asian hair (C), and the Application Regimen Guide is distinctive to each ethnicity.  The Application Regimen Guide of our core solutions for African Hair is:


Application Frequency Guide

As we add creams and other products in the future some will be ethnic specific and others will be generic, so the Application Regimen Guides will be adapted to the inclusion of these new products.