How Does It Work?

Pacôme's NaturConditioner is a cream acting in depth as well as on the hair surface. It deeply nourishes and strengthens the most fragile hair. Thanks to its active ingredients which have an affinity with hair protein NaturConditioner repairs the hair fiber and sheathe the cuticle. The hair's protective hydrolipidic film damaged by too frequent shampooing, pollution, inappropriate or aggressive products is thus repaired by emollients. In its surface action, Pacôme's NaturConditioner embellishes your hair making it shiny, flexible, and easy to comb. The scalp is thus toning and invigorating.  The honey strengthens the antioxidant effects through its flavonoids. Thanks to its virtues, it fosters the stimulation of hair growth by fighting against breakage. Our conditioner will help increase the capacity of your hair to retain water. Your hair becomes soft, smooth and relaxed, so easy to untangle and comb. Honey helps to cleanse the scalp and lengths. Pacôme's NaturConditioner eliminates bacteria that cause dandruff and itching. It soothes the scalp.

Principal Ingredients

This cosmetic potential is reached by NaturConditioner's composition of palm kernel oil, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and honey.

What’s Not In It

All NaturHeals products from Pacôme Labs are 100% natural.  They are Free of sulfate, silicone, chemicals, parabens, or chloride.

How To Use It

Depending on the length and volume of your hair, use a small amount of NaturConditioner to rub on your hands and massage into your scalp and along your wet hair length previously wrung.  Leave it on for 45 minutes minimum, then gently detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. Rinse your hair thoroughly, then dry them again, wipe them gently and dry them either naturally or  use a hairdryer at low temperature. Once dry you're ready for the application of Pacôme's NaturSerum.

Our Commitment

Our products will always be 100% natural yet based on scientific biological analysis. Your satisfaction is at the center of our motivation and we will continue to innovate and create performance based solutions without recourse to aggressive chemical components.

Our NaturConditioner and NaturCleanser products can benefit anyone who wants to maintain healthy hair and scalp, but those who are experiencing thinning hair and/or hair loss  will benefit  most by applying our NaturSerum supported by our Microscopic Hair Analysis on a regular basis.