How Does It Work?

NaturDetangler will make your hair soft, silky and easy to style. No matter if your hair is natural, with curls, or straight, thanks to its composition NaturDetangler will easily penetrate the hair without leaving it oily. Ideal for shine and to strengthen the fibers, this product detangles your hair while nourishing them. It can also be used as a conditioner.

Principal Ingredients

The principal ingredients of our NaturDetangler are palm kernel oil, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil and ylang ylang.

What’s Not In It

All NaturHeals products from Pacôme Laboratories are 100% natural.  They are Free of sulfate, silicone, chemicals, parabens, or chloride.

How To Use It

First, divide your hair into four sections. We recommend detangling your hair with your fingers, brushes or combs. Apply NaturDetangler on one section of your hair and detangle, gently removing the knots located at the tip of the hair first then near the root. Repeat with the other sections.

Our Commitment

Our products will always be 100% natural yet based on scientific biological analysis. Your satisfaction is at the center of our motivation and we will continue to innovate and create performance based solutions without recourse to aggressive chemical components.

To benefit the most of our products, we recommend you order a Microscopic Analysis of your hair's condition and perform another analysis later to assess the progress and the health of your hair.


2oz NaturDetangler


" helps to detangle my nappy hair and makes it soft, easy to comb and style."

Owner of Siloe Beauty Braid Gallery

"Good treatment for dry scalps. It helps to detangle my nappy hair and make it soft, easy to comb and style. My hair is looking good and shiny thanks to this natural treatment."

–Siloe, owner of Siloe Beauty Braid Gallery, Forest Park, IL