No One Knows Better

Than Leaders of Cosmetic Schools

Cosmetic schools have “seen it all” and “tried it all” and they are always on the lookout for new ideas and new products that will prepare their students for the competitive marketplace they are getting into. That is why NaturHeals is proud to work with a number of cosmetic schools in Chicago, such as the Cosmetology Department at Truman College, and Your School of Beauty Culture, at 116 E Pershing Rd, Chicago. Here is what Miss Panache Perkins, owner of Your School of Beauty Culture, had to say about NaturHeals based on their experience applying the Pacôme Treatments to many of their clients.

"NaturHeals is AMAZING!" ~Ms. P of Your School of Beauty and Culture in Chicago, Illinois


Hair Regrowth Challenges


If you suffer hair loss, take it seriously now and don't delay treatment until your condition gets worse. Treat it now with NaturHeals products which will heal your roots and allow the follicles to regrow stronger and healthier hair.

But if you've waited too long and your case is serious, give us your challenge...
1. Fill out our Diagnostic Questionnaire so we can understand the situation and some of the possible causes.
2. Contact us and send us samples of your hair so we can perform a microscopic analysis, determine probable causes, and suggest the treatment regimen that you need to follow.
3. If we think we can reverse your hair loss and if you commit to the treatment regimen, we'll guarantee a significant improvement in less than 6 months. “Guarantee” means that we will return your money if the improvements are not to your satisfaction.

Here are a few cases of serious “Hair Regrowth Challenges” we have recently accepted.


"...scalp irritation is gone and my hair is softer."

Testimony of B.

"I have owned a Beauty Salon for more than 10 years and I started to lose large sections of my hair 6 years ago. Being a professionally trained Stylist who participates in industry conventions I have tried many products to fight this hair loss, but to no avail. 4 weeks ago I met Pacôme from NaturHeals and we started a new treatment.

Week 4: My severe scalp irritation is gone and my hair is softer. I am just grateful and very happy to see these changes and will keep you posted on future progress of this treatment."

–B., Chicago, IL


"...I saw unprecedented results."

Testimony of T.

"For about five years, I fought with my hair which hardly grew anymore. I was worried until I came to discover Pacôme's NaturHeals products. After I started to use them, week by week I saw unprecedented results; after three weeks finally, no more hair breakage and my scalp started to grow new and beautiful hair. Today Pacôme's products are my dependable companions.

In good faith, I recommend NaturHeals products because the results are phenomenal, my hair is solid proof. To all of you worried about the health of your hair, Pacôme's NaturHeals products is everything you really need. Like me, choose NaturHeals to be your dependable companions!

Wishing you well."

–T., Chicago, IL


At 6 weeks, hair is definitely growing.

"Four weeks ago I started to apply NaturSerum and NaturConditioner from NaturHeals and I have already noticed small changes on my scalp and some hair reparation. I plan to continue this adventure until I reach complete healing of my hair."

–N., Chicago, IL


"My hair feels softer..."

Testimony of D.

"The condition of my hair has been degrading for more than 7 years and I have worn wigs for most of these years. I've come to learn of Pacôme's NaturHeals products recently and started last week with a daily treatment of serum.

Week1: My hair feels softer but it is too early to notice any significant changes. I will keep you updated."

–D., Chicago, IL