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Pacome Pika

Free Products for Volunteering to Test New Products

.Our products are made with 100% authentic natural ingredients.

"If it’s not safe to eat, it’s not safe to put on your body."

NaturHeals is building a network of women to join our Creation Team. These women would benefit from free NaturHeals products to solve their hair challenges as well as our consultation and advice during a 3 months period. During this time our Creation Team participants would test our products and follow the prescribed regimen unique to them.

Our products are developed by Pacôme Pika, who has a M.S. in Natural Sciences and a M.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products. The Pacôme Chicago product line from NaturHeals already comprises proven and 100% natural products to treat dryness, alopecia, dandruff, and thinning hair.

  • If your hair is dry and brittle, we can naturally bring its strength back with moisture treatments.
  • If your hair is greasy and your scalp is itchy, we have a natural dandruff treatment.
  • If your hair is thinning, we can naturally strengthen your hair.

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