Meet Our Co-Founders

Georges Selvais and Pacôme PikaGeorges Selvais and Pacôme Pika

Pacôme Pika, received his first Master in Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry and Geology), and his second Master in Chemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Products at the University of Dakar, Senegal. This lead him to conduct research in Senegal and France for the Institut Pasteur and the French Institute for International development which is leading the world in research of tropical plants. Pacôme then pursued his interest in microbiology in Quebec, Canada, first at the Sherbrooke University and finally at Laval University where he focused on epidemiology.

Pacôme's exceptional expertise is in Biochemical Research and Techniques such as extracting active agents from natural products and conducting all related analysis, in Microbiology Techniques such as the culture and isolation of micro-organism, and in Molecular Biology.  Pacôme has applied his expertise on the development of NaturHeals' natural cosmetic products as the Director of Pacome products Lab.

Georges Selvais received his Master in Business Administration form the Harvard Business School in 1975.  His prior education was in Belgium and his expertise is in starting and managing businesses, as small as bootstrap operations and as large as $45 million start-up investment in capital intensive industries. Georges has a strong international experience, he opened business subsidiaries in Canada, India, and Russia, and he has extensive experience in trading with European and Asian suppliers or allied industry partners.  Georges' most recently developed business is a manufacturer of electric floor heating products, WarmlyYours.