Pacome Pika

Welcome to NaturHeals,

Our company is engaged in advanced cosmetics, for hair care and skin care.

As you already know, a large proportion of cosmetic products contain chemicals that can cause negative side effects but we know nature can heal. At NaturHeals 100% of our active ingredients are of natural origin, we call them the molecules of beauty and health. My job and that of my team is to understand on the one hand how the molecules interact with each other, and on the other hand how they interact with  other proteins to allow the expression of one or more desired cosmetic or cosmeceutical properties.

Our assets are oils, extracts, molecules and 100% natural nutrients involved in the growth and regrowth of hair, or in the fight against hair loss and alopecia. Our products are calibrated to cleanse the scalp and revitalize your skin. Whether you are an African American woman, Caucasian or Asian, we want to serve you.

Our first objective is to set in motion the active ingredients that can modulate the quality of your hair and your skin, while taking care of your health needs as well as the environment. The second goal of our team is to ensure the monitoring of our customers progress by developing a series of microscopic hair analysis to guide the product's application regimen. NaturHeals' team is made of professionals who will meet your expectations and accompany you throughout the transformation of your hair and your skin.

With our rich expertise in chemistry and biochemistry of natural products, natural sciences and molecular biology, we foresee the improvements brought to the hair protein and their affinity with certain active ingredients.

Because nature is full of invaluable potentials bringing good health to those who value her, we believe that Pacôme's products by NaturHeals will bring happiness to their consumers. In the end, applied in optimal conditions, our products reach their cosmetic goals.

Pacôme Pika

Co-Founder & Lab Director